Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

My First Challenge

This is the first time i join a challenge.
I'm a newbie in making card.
I even don't have any stamp yet!

This challenge is from Caardvarks and i'm really excited to take a part coz it's about using ribbon in a wonderful way!
I have a lot of ribbons so i think this is my turn :)

I made flowers from my ribbons. I arranged it to be a bunch of flowers. Ta daa...!
I cover the end of pin with flower coz it's sharp.
The dimension...
Another angle...

The side vertical ribbon is edible to open the card.

The inside...
The recipe:
  • Glittery plants cardstock
  • 1.25 cm white, pink, blue, yellow and green organza ribbons with gold edges
  • 0.6 cm soft green satin ribbon
  • white pearl square slider
  • white lips pin
  • yellow flower pads
  • pink heart and circle gem beads
I looovveeee...ribbons!

12 komentar:

  1. what a cool and clever use of ribbon on this fun and vibrant card!

  2. Congrats on your first challenge! Love your bow flowers they so colorful and pretty! Best of luck.

  3. A big woot woot to you for joining your first challenge ... I love all of your creative use of ribbon.

  4. @all: thx everyone for the support :)
    it means a lot for me..

  5. Congratulations for your first challenge - hope you enter many more. This is just lovely.

  6. We love newbie card makers at Caardvarks! So glad you jumped in and played along! :)

  7. A wonderful card! Congratulations on your first challenge, you're going to love them!!

  8. wow! thx sue..
    i think i would love the challenge, especially in caardvarks :)